Friday 14.30-15.30:

Rethinking Ministry, Daniel Duda, tent (translated into Finnish)
The most usual way we try to change the church is by running a program (usually coming from elsewhere). But we have all seen that it does not work. What is a Biblical way to minister to people around us? What are the principles that are not only Biblical, but also bring a sustainable change on a local church level where you are?

Friday 16.00-17.00:

Church Growth Idea Bank and discussion, Atte Helminen, religion classroom (FI)
”If the Lord does not build the house, those who build it will labour in vain” (Psalm 127:1). How do you find God’s blessings on your church? Building healthy small communities is possible – churches are being renewed – there is hope!

Prayer, Liia Kaitanen (FI)
Once a man was asked: ”What have you gained by praying regularly every day?” He replied: ”Nothing… But let me tell you what I have lost: anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity and fear of death.” Prayer is a miracle. It is a good habit, speaking, silence, praise, weeping. It is all of that plus the miracle that comes when we are in communion with God. Welcome to discuss this miracle and pray together!

The young adult church exodus – Why the postmodern generation is leaving Christianity, Mikael Takamaa, Finnish classroom (FI)
There is a lot of talk in churches about ageing membership and young people leaving. Times, values and cultures are changing rapidly and it seems that many Western countries have become post-Christian. What factors are leading many young adults to leave Christianity behind? Could something be done about it? If so, what can be done? What are the threats and opportunities? Join us for a reflection.

An empty stomach has no ears – ADRA, Jani Virolainen and Martynas Baltiejus, English classroom (FI)
Stories of life change and the transformative power of knowledge. Come and hear about the impact of development cooperation.


The need to study carefully the text of the book of Revelation, Ioannis Giantzaklidis, religion classroom (EN)
The workshop addresses common errors in interpreting Revelation that arise from shallow, selective, or biased readings. The goal being to equip the participants with principles needed to interpret Revelation or other books of the Bible.

Rethinking Discipleship & Spirituality, Daniel Duda, tent (translated into Finnish)
Probably all of us would want to be a spiritual person. But what is true Biblical spirituality? Jesus was very critical of people who have been perceived as stalwarts of spirituality in his day. How do we become committed disciples of Jesus? How does change happen in a life of a Christian so that we are not just treading water until Jesus comes, but experience growth to maturity?

PariAsiaa: Sparks to touch in a marriage, Ansku Jaakkola Pastor, Knots in a relationship -counsellor, swedish classroom (FI)
-Affection and adequate sexual intimacy
-The many forms and shades of touch
-Cultivating affection -Activities that quench the thirst
-Empowerment through touch

Discipleship, Kaarina Villa, English classroom (FI)
On the journey to spiritual maturity – The channel reflects on how Jesus called his followers to grow up as disciples through whom the kingdom of God touched the world of that day. What can we learn from them?

Promoting the well-being of children and adolescent, Merja Kinnunen, Finnish classroom (FI)
Growing up is a challenge amidst mobile phones, expectations, threats, etc. How to create a sustainable basis for the well-being of children and young people? Let’s discuss and reflect together!

Ukrainian channel, Liia Kaitanen, auditorio
Благослови душа моя Господа! Когда мы открываем наши сердца для Бога мы меняемся, там где Бог, там все преображается. Возвышенная музыка и прославление – это атмосфера неба. Приглашаем всех, кто понимает русский язык к совместному прославлению Господа в пении и свидетельствах. Играют Илья и Наталья Куреловы а также Денис Степанов.

Praise the Lord my soul! When we open our hearts to God – we are changed, where God is, everything is renewed. Spiritual music and praise are the atmosphere of heaven. We invite all of you who understand the Russian language to come together to praise the Lord by singing and witnessing. Ilya and Natalya Kurelov and Denis Stepanov.

Building a more just world -ADRA, Jaana Lahtinen-Mayengo and Sari Mäntyjärvi, Science classroom (FI)
On the channel, we will engage in dialogue around the themes of diversity, justice and equality. We will shake up our familiar ways of thinking and try to see things from outside our own bubble. We will also take a look at ADRA’s teenage mothers project in Uganda. Feel free to join the discussion!

Well-being for all from perspective of spiritual care, Health department, biology classroom (FI)
Everyone has a longing to feel well. Sometimes we just find ourselves in a situation where we are in pain with our lives physically, mentally, socially and/or spiritually. Pastoral care is a valuable form of ministry through which the church is able to meet people in need. The Bible says that we should bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Pastoral care is one way of taking part in bearing the burdens of others. Successful pastoral care brings new vitality to the church because it has a transforming effect on people and relationships. How did we achieve more well-being for all from a pastoral care perspective? Welcome to hear and reflect.

The potential of the online church, Kimmo Ilola, Glass hallway (FI)
Online church or real church?  What is the future of the church and worship?  Everyone on their own computer in their own potteries or all together in worship?

Oikos – join the family, Linda Helin and Mikael Takamaa, primary school, class 3-4 (EN/FI)
What is it like to live a year in an inspiring Christian community serving, sharing, growing and believing? Come and learn about the vision and activities of Oikos House and hear authentic experiences of the Oikos Year from the team leaders who have lived there. This workshop is for you who want to know more about Oikos, for you who want to get inspired and get ideas for building community, and especially for you who are wondering if Oikos could be your thing starting next autumn.

Why does God allow suffering?, Kalervo Aromäki, food tent (FI)
”Why me?” or ”why right now?” are probably the most important questions when touched by illness or loss. Answers are not always found, but together with caring people and over time, people can find the answers themselves. Suffering inevitably raises the question of God’s justice and love. Let us look together at two or three perspectives on this question.